I feel like I said “Yes” to too many things to make up for lost projects during the post-holiday Omicron surge. So now, I am playing catchup for site mobilizations, project costing, and design submissions.

The cycle of having weeks of rest followed by weeks of non-stop work is what I love and hate the most about relying on project-based income. The transition period, in particular, can become stress-inducing if I don’t ease my way into each mode. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by too much work, and sometimes I feel anxious about not having enough. It is a constant balancing act. I’ve learned to love the process and find fulfillment in both sides of the coin, but I still often get lost in limbo. I don’t know if I will ever find the proper formula for the project-based life; this unpredictability and dynamic nature simultaneously scares me and keeps me coming back for more.



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