Breaking the lull(shit)

I haven’t been writing regularly. I can’t exactly tell why, but I just haven’t. It has been a few weeks of just consuming other people’s words and ideas. Taking in content. Processing some of it, but spewing out most.

An artist friend told me that she recently discovered calligraphy and journaling on Hobonichi notebooks. These are little Japanese notebooks that people write on with special pens and even post tiny trinkets in so that they end up looking like scrapbooks by the time every page is filled. She says it has taught her how to accept imperfections and just let her work be. It taught her how to be ok with “making a mess.”

I think it is time to reapply this into my writing. I post uncurated, mostly unedited work; this should be easier. No one actually reads this, except for Ben sometimes. Hi, Ben.